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Visual Merchandising Software for retailers of all sizes ✷ Make your retail life easier

Visual Merchandising Software

Take your visual merchandising to the next level with Retail for the People and cutting-edge merchandising platform partner, IWD.

Merchandising is critical to provide the best retail shopping experience and stand out from the crowd. However, most brands and retailers lose time on using unsuitable tools such as Powerpoint, Excel, and Indesign to create their merchandising strategy.

With IWD's retail technology, brands of all sizes can plan and create unique guidelines to streamline the merchandising processes, execute in-store directives to simplify in-store communication and compliance, and analyze store performance to optimize the strategies and plan future campaigns.

40% Reduced

Plan and create online guidelines to remove staff labor and material costs like printing and shipping.

35% Productivity Improvement

Improve cross-functional team collaboration and gain complete control over your customer experience.

25% Daily
Time Saved

Get rid of inefficient processes to save time and maintain brand consistency across your retail stores.

Empowering retail brands including

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To see the software in action, please watch the short video below.

Plan and Create Guidelines

Say good by to countless back-and-forth conversations to define where new products or marketing materials will go is not helping anyone work faster. IWD facilitates your process of defining, planning, and creating visual merchandising recommendations. Save time, maximize sales, and establish clear branding rules when creating guidelines.

✷ Digitize your merchandising process
✷ Ensure brand consistency
✷ Build & create directives in 1 day instead of 7
✷ Measure your strategy’s impact

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Execute In-Store Directives

Stay on top of in-store execution and provide the ideal customer experience. Ensure field staff implements guidelines and promotions correctly so that your stores appear and perform the way you intend them to.

✷ Improve communication
✷ Execute your strategy faster
✷ Get more data 
✷ Enhance in-store experience
✷ Up to 2x improvement of your brand visibility
✷ Up to 25% time saved in your day

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Analyze Store's Performance

Now that your strategy is implemented in store, receive photos from all your point of sales and oversee execution in real time. Approve, support, and identify best practices to stimulate the teams. Efficiently develop recommendations to anticipate your customers’ next moves and deliver the right offers in the right place.

✷ Manage all feedback from the field in one place
✷ Check guideline implementations and store environment 
✷ Prepare your next merchandising cycle and Increase profitability

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Why we love this retail software

01. Plan & Create Planograms

Create visual merchandising guidelines online in 2D & 3D quickly and easily, save them to your brand book, and send them automatically throughout your distribution network.

02. Execute In-Store Directives

Seamlessly collaborate between your head office and the field. Ensure stores appear and perform the way you intend them to. (Also excellent for wholesale accounts)

03. Analyze Performance

Analyze integrated data to enhance retail operations, optimize store performances, and plan for your next merchandising cycle and marketing campaigns.

Retail software that empowers your store teams.

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This visual merchandising software is for all categories of retail brands that have products in physical stores.

The software is specifically helpful for:

✷ Visual Merchandisers

✷ Retail Field Teams

✷ Retail Store Visits & Audits

✷ Wholesale Accounts Displays

✷ Trade Show Displays

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IWD is a retail technology Saas Company based in Paris with two powerful softwares that were created to execute and drive the performance of the in-store retail merchandising strategy. 

Yes, we can!

Yes, we can!

Yes, we can!

Yes, we do!

The SaaS software has a yearly Administrative License and a Fee for each user. For specific pricing for your unique needs, please schedule a demo.

This SaaS visual merchandising software is the best in the world and we believe to have the best retail businesses for your customers you must have the best tools and IWD is clearly the very best in the business.

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Discover how to easily manage your brand's entire merchandising cycle.