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Our 5 Favorite Summertime Branding Trends – Retail For The People

Our 5 Favorite Summertime Branding Trends

Our 5 Favorite Summertime Branding Trends

70’s Inspired Fonts

One of the branding trends we have noticed popping up brings back the grooviness of the 70’s. More and more brands are using fonts with a 70’s feel.

One example of this instance is Chobani’s rebrand. Designer Berton Hasebe, is responsible for Chobani’s 2017 font and branding change that sparked inspiration for many other brands (Brooke). According to Katy Fischer and Milton Un, the Chobani effect was coined to describe the influence that Chobani has on other branding (Fischer & Un). Similarly, Flesh Beauty and Verso Skincare, reference a 70’s inspired branding style (Saffron).


70's style fonts used for retail branding
70's inspired fonts on retail packaging

Drawings & Illustrations

Another branding trend we are loving is unpolished drawings on product labels. Hand drawn branding ensures uniqueness, personal, and authenticity.

Examples of hand drawn icons can be found on brands like Oatly, Minor Figures, Mailchimp and Etsy (Schenker). Oatly uses hand drawn typography on their products to create a brand persona (The Go Branding). SImilarly, other oat milk brands such as Minor Figures have adopted this strategy to their branding.

Simple sketches make your brand seem more original because it adds a hand-crafted element. Similar to a handwritten note, hand drawn logos or features add a sense of thoughtfulness and personality.

Example of Oatly a an oatmilk brand that uses drawings to humanize
Mailchimp's new branding features illustrations


The more simple the better in minimalistic branding. Minimalism removes all unnecessary clutter and provides a sleek sophisticated look.

This branding strategy is used by many beauty and fashion brands through the use of sleek looking packaging and logos.

Examples of beauty brands using minimalism include Glossier, Living Proof, and Rare Beauty. Beauty brands are likely to use minimalism to make their products seem of higher quality.

Similarly, over the years luxury fashion brands have upgraded their logos to a more minimal style to elevate their brand image. Designers have changed their logos to sans serif fonts in order to achieve the minimalistic effect.

Minimalism creates a more cohesive look, which overall makes a brand more memorable (Smitti).


Examples of fashion brands who have changed their brand fonts to be minimal


Consider using a blast from the past with the nostalgic branding trend. Brands are bringing back memorable icons, music, tv, fonts, and aesthetics to make consumers feel a certain way.

Nostalgic branding can be used to emotionally impact certain generations to bring back their fond childhood memories. The Y2K aesthetic is not just a fashion trend, but a way to remind consumers of their past. Even older generations are referenced with logos that have a vintage look.

Throwback logos are a great way to integrate this strategy into your branding efforts. Nostalgic branding is familiar and brings back a sense of comfort (Rimmer).


Benefit makeup uses a nostalgic branding strategy
True Religion uses a nostalgic branding strategy


Personalization in branding is making a comeback with monograms. This simple branding strategy is trending especially for personal brands and businesses.

However, bigger companies can also take advantage of this branding design to add abbreviated logos to websites, social media posts, and ads.

Luxury designers have been using this trend for years, for example, Chanel and Louis Vuitton with their iconic prints (99designs team). 

Monogram designs are simple yet effective, so consider using them in your branding strategy. 

Louis Vuitton uses monograms as branding strategy

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