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Out of Home Marketing Campaigns Retailers Must Try – Retail For The People

Out of Home Marketing Campaigns Retailers Must Try

Out of Home Marketing Campaigns Retailers Must Try


While Out Of Home advertising might seem old fashioned, it is a great form of marketing for your business because it stands out and builds brand awareness.

The best forms of Out of Home (OOH) advertising are placed in high traffic areas. OOH is a traditional method of advertising, and is nowhere near dead.

Digital marketing is a highly crowded channel, so using OOH is a way to differentiate your brand. With the return of in-person activities, OOH is predicted to grow in 2022 more than previous years (McLarney).
Why should retailers try OOH?

  • Its cost effective

  • Highly targeted

  • Millions of impressions

  • Large audience

Types of OOH Campaigns to Try


There are two types of billboards. Because billboards have been around for a long time, technology has converted this old form of advertising into the digital space. This form of advertising combines old strategies with the new innovative strategies. Digital billboards allow multiple images and videos, which increases the amount of content one can display.  An area most people think of where digital billboards dominate is Times Square in New York City. However, there are many cities where digital billboards are incredibly popular. 

We don't want to forget about traditional billboards because they are often less expensive and can be just as effective as Digital Billboards. The location is what is most important.


Example of OOH Billboard advertising in NYC
Example of a Billboard in New York City


Transit advertising includes ads on any forms of public transportation such as buses, trains, planes, cars, and stations. These ads are exposed to a high number of people commuting to work, traveling, or who use public transportation daily. In urban areas such, Gen Z and Millenials are trending away from purchasing cars, meaning more people are relying on public transportation (Gadek). Transit ads also tend to be more creative and unconventional, making them memorable for viewers.


Out of home marketing example, fashion brand Tommy Hilfiger uses a double decker bus
Example from Tommy Hilfiger using transportation as a form of OOH marketing

Experiential - Airstreams, Busses or Cars 

Another creative OOH strategy includes Experiential activations such as pop-up stores and exclusive in-person experiences in airstreams, busses or vans can be really incredible ways to get your brand out in the world.

 We are big fans of pop-up shops when it comes to experiential marketing and brand building. The Airstream pop-up jewelry shop we created for The Giving Keys at The Grove in LA is one of our favorite examples. 


Example of OOH marketing using an airstream, photo is of the giving keys pop-up jewelry shop in a converted airstream trailer, designed and implemented by retail for the people.
 The Giving Key's Airstream (by us) is a great example of Experiential OOH marketing in action

Handwritten Notes

Some might argue that sending mail is an old and irrelevant strategy, but handwritten notes have been shown to be effective. Because letters are a thing of the past, receiving one today is much more meaningful than before.

Companies have seen great success using this strategy because it revives old marketing tactics (Frank). Personalized letters give off a more meaningful message to the receiver, which can boost a brand’s image. 


Example of a handwritten note, a great form of out of home marketing
Great example of a handwritten note from the retailer Sweaty Betty.


Mailers are another direct advertising tactic that has really resurfaced in popularity since 2020. In an attempt to combine old and new strategies, sending mailers can help brands stand out from the digital space. Consider using postcards or letters, and adding personalization as well as interactive elements like QR codes to make at home mailers even more effective. 


Example of a mailer marketing campaign for The Grove Collaborative
Example of a letter as a form of OOH marketing from The Grove Collaborative.

Wild Postings/Wheat Postings

If you are unfamiliar with wild postings, they are street-level ads where posters are pasted onto buildings or walls. With the right permits this type of advertising is legal, and most commonly found on buildings, barricages, and construction sites in large cities where a retailer or brand wants to make a statement by repeating the same imagery or messaging in a walkable metropolitan area.


example of a wild postings form of out of home advertising
Wild Postings in pedestrian areas are most effective.


Get creative and draw a crowd with mural advertising. Large paintings on the sides of buildings encourage people to visit, take photos, and check out your brand. Murals combine street art and advertising to draw attraction and provide an opportunity for viral OOH. 


Example of out of home marketing using murals
Murals make a statement as a form of OOH marketing.

Print Media

Magazine ads are highly effective because they have longevity, a sensory aspect, and are highly credible (Emrich, 2022). If you think about it, the magazines sitting in an office waiting room are typically months old. People hold on to print magazines longer than digital magazines that can be deleted after one read. Another point to make is that ads inside magazines are carefully selected by the publisher which makes them trustworthy. 


Example of print advertising in a magazine, this is another form of out of home marketing
Print ads in printed publications are great for brand awareness.




For more retail marketing strategies or tips that can grow your retail brand, visit the Retail for the People’s Blog.

If you’re interested in learning how your store or brand can become one of tomorrow’s strongest retailers with the help of customized Out of Home Marketing campaigns check our Marketing Services page or book free consultation today.



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