Retail & Pop-Up Weekly Digest, Week of May 14th

Retail & Pop-Up Weekly Digest, Week of May 14th

“This is a brand-new piece of the home business.”

-Gabrielle Conforti, chief merchandising officer for women’s at Urban Outfitters, on With focus on how Urban Outfitters experiments with pop-ups and artist collaborations

Urban Outfitters Home is looking to local artists to experiment with different pop-ups across the US, to boost business at its showrooms in major showrooms in NY, LA, Dallas, and Montreal.

“It’s so important we offer an elevated, consistent customer experience across categories and price points in our stores. The traditional drugstore world is a sea of product with little navigational guidance, and all the product is encased in packaging. That’s not us.”

-Monica Arnaudo, svp of merchandising at Ulta Beauty How Ulta Beauty evolved its merchandising strategy to compete in a crowded market.

Ulta Beauty is staying ahead of the hyper-competitive beauty space by creating consistent merchandising strategies across all its stores and product launches. Ultra has found continued success with its goods across the various price points they offer.

“We think this is exactly the right time to help small businesses figure out what’s ahead in the turbulent retail environment today.” 

-Satish Kanwar, VP of product at Shopify on Launching a Brick and Mortar store in the US.

Shopify is keeping everyone on their toes by jumping into the Brick and Mortar space in an create a physical touchpoint for its customers to help them expand their digital and physical businesses.

“People are yearning and desiring experience.”

-Rachel Shechtman, Founder of Story on Can Storytelling make shopping fun again?

While retailers are struggling to stay afloat, Shechtman has found the perfect  is bringing storytelling to the forefront of the conversation for her store, and it’s boosted sales.