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Retailer's 5 Minute Blueprint for the Future | Retail for the People

Retailer's 5 Minute Blueprint for the Future | Retail for the People

The future is uncertain right now thanks to the coronavirus. What is certain is that we have control over how we respond to these uncertain times.

Our team has compiled of 7 helpful ways you can overcome and refocus your perspective. Use this as the blueprint/guide to maintain a healthy mindset during these unusual and scary times.

This blueprint is good for all retail businesses, small retail stores, big stores, pop-up shops, concept shops, and online stores too!

So without further delay may we introduce you to this 5-minute blueprint that will help you become a growth-minded brand strategist for your retail business.


Retailers’ Mental Blueprint for the Future:

  1. Focus your thinking on opportunities, stop dwelling on the losses.
    What is gone is gone and the past is in the past. The future needs you, yesterday does not what can you bring the future?


  2. Focus on creating value today and this week, start by asking what new ways can I serve my clients during this time.
    What might make their lives a little bit better right now? 


  3. Stop dwelling on your sales and focus on building relationships.
    Sales will be slow. That's just the reality. So instead of being frustrated, be proactive and decide who can you reach out to today and check in with? How about calling your top 15 customers and see how they are doing?


  4. Focus on your team and your customers, stop thinking of yourself. 
    How can you lead and encourage and serve them today? What do they need? Is it an encouraging word? Is it more clarity and direction? Remember serving others is one of the best ways to shift a negative mindset. 


  5. Focus on what you can do, right here and right now.
    Stop focusing on what you can’t! Remember you are in control of your actions and how you respond to this pandemic. Success and happiness or failure is a choice you get to make. 


  6. Focus on what you are grateful for, today, right now.
    It’s so easy to get distracted by all the hardship, going on. Instead, spend time each day making a list of 10 things you are grateful for. Write them down in a notebook or on a note in your phone. Watch how in just a few days, your perspective and heart start to soften allowing you to see past these currently hard days and to realize there is still good in the world and things we are thankful for. A grateful heart is a good medicine for the soul.


  7. Focus on ways you can personally develop and grow.
    Seek out a teacher, a mentor or coach to help you stretch during this time. The best growth happens when we are ready to make a change and with our stores being closed, there is currently plenty of time to gain new skills and understandings. A teacher, mentor or coach can be in the form of a book, webinars, masterclasses, Youtube videos or working with a retail expert like us who specializes in one-on-one coaching, navigating both businesses and personal development in times of decline.


Zelda Fitzgerald said it best: “She quietly expected great things to happen to her, and no doubt that’s one of the reasons why they did.” 

There is great power in your mindset! Don't give up hope. This weird season will pass and we will all be stronger because if it.


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