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The Retail & Fashion Weekly Digest, Week of August 2nd – Retail For The People

The Retail & Fashion Weekly Digest, Week of August 2nd

The Retail & Fashion Weekly Digest, Week of August 2nd

“Brick-and-mortar is an expansion play for roping in new customers, people who might not have been able to pick up on [the retailer’s] luxury quality and standards online. In stores, that quality is on display.”

- Malinda Sanna, founder of the branding agency Spark, on How The RealReal is using data to unify online and physical merchandise. 

RealReal, luxury consignment giant is faced with creating a new merchandising strategy to compliments its e-commerce store for its second brick and mortar opening in Los Angeles.

The most successful strategies are where you consider the influencer marketing industry like a pyramid. If you consolidate that in a smart way you create a lot of organic growth and organic media value.

- Robert Levenhagen, chief executive of InfluencerDB while examining Influencer Marketing Lessons From Fashion Nova and Zara.  

Brands are doubling down on influencer marketing as a profit-based channel and becoming savvier across the board about finding both micro and macro influencers to bolster their EMV (earned media value).

‘Retail as a Service’ is another way to look at it — providing the space, technology and merchandising expertise for the brands and not having to worry about holding inventory. It’s great for shoppers as the sense of discovery will always be there and it’s great for the department store model as it adds to the experience. 

- David Weinand, Cheif Customer Officer of Incisiv on whether or not Pop-Up shops can save department stores. 

Are pop-up shops the silver bullet for department stores? Retail Dive asked 9 retail experts their thoughts on this newly minted brick and mortar strategy.