Where did all the retailers go? Nowhere that's where.

Where did all the retailers go? Nowhere that's where.

Once this all comes to an end, we will all get back to our lives (and for us SMB people—our businesses) we will just be more aware than ever before. It will certainly change things and quite emphatically for the better / more strategic, the tragic part is at such a severe cost. If we were able to discipline ourselves in a forward-thinking way, not paranoid, but just knowing that the retail industry along with all storefronts will be somewhat changed forever. People are now officially scared of closeness. But that is not the only reason.

Whether stores do not have the cash reserves to pull through, the leniency from their property management, logistics and shipping nightmares, theft, no ability to protect staff and labor, or whatever the reason, we can all say with some degree of certainty that things are going to look different.

Sometimes that change is necessary. It pushes us to evolve and adapt. It is growth.

We are resilient, and retail specifically has heart.

We are the one industry that is often overlooked. We are not for the faint of heart. Our people grind day-in and day-out. It’s not always glamorous, and it’s hard. But, we have pride. We are proud of our brands and proud of the unity within our organizations. This is our family. But, to survive in retail you have to have passion and perseverance for what you do.

There’s no doubt that independent retail will prevail against any adversity.

We have strength in numbers and are a tight-knit club. When one of us is down, another one is there to pick us back up. So, the next time you read an article on how retail stores are shuddering their doors, or how many people were laid off, kindly let that person know that they are mistaken. The economic projections are really just assumptions.

Retail is not going anywhere. It doesn’t matter if main-street is closing temporarily, because of COVID-19; independent retailers have a joy and passion for what they do in their heart and they will be back full force.

Just let them know to stay tuned.