Why Shopify will be 2021's Top E-Commerce Platform

Why Shopify will be 2021's Top E-Commerce Platform

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Is Shopify right for you?

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I just read how Ecommercefuel.com's migration from Magento to Shopify, increased their revenue by 41%. That is quite the jump.

This tells us two things:
1) That Shopify is leading the charge in dynamic e-commerce platforms across the board, 2) There is no denying that Shopify is a force to be reckoned with (there are numbers to back it up).


E-commerce share of global retail sales from 2015-2021
E-commerce share of global retail sales from 2015-2021

Lastly, Shopify is the swiss army knife of online store platforms.

Sure, there are some great platforms with extensive features, but they are tailored for different varieties of niches. Shopify is universal with its features and capabilities regardless of the type of business you run or size audience you serve.

If you are a physical retail store or D2C store and are currently using a different sales platform (whether cloud-based or native), you may want to make the switch. Not because our team here at Retail for the People's loves Shopify, but because it sells itself.

According to BuiltWith's data from last year, Shopify held 31% of the e-commerce market share. A number that is safe to assume is lower than what it would be now (as of January 18th, 2021).

As other competitors come out of the woodwork and technology gets more innovative, we are sure to see other disruptors in this massive e-commerce space.

E-commerce is projected to grow to a 4.9 trillion dollar business by this year end. It is done waiting around for those who are resting on their laurels.

There is a massive amount of revenue within the vast expanse of the internet and companies like Shopify are making it easier and easier for anybody to jump aboard.

One of the main reasons we enjoy working with Shopify so much and why we love to recommend it to stores we work with is its ease of use. You do not have to be a web developer to design and implement a fully functional web store any longer.

Those days are behind us. Sure, there is a learning curve, just like any software. But, we have no doubt that anybody can use Shopify as one of the tools to make their business an extremely profitable one.

Through a user generated community, their extensive internal educational library, and experienced users / experts you can grasp the concepts easily and deploy them seamlessly without pulling your hair out or breaking the bank.

We always recommend trying it for yourself and taking some time to play around within the dashboard.

You can take it for a free 14 day test drive and thank us later.

I love seeing old school retailers learn the latest and greatest technology. They light up with joy when they have been able to learn something new that will grow their business. Shopify makes it increasingly easy for that to happen.

We experienced an influx of retail stores moving online with covid this past season and it has been great to see how much can truly be done within one amazing platform.

If you have any questions regarding any of Shopify's capabilities as they pertain to integration or migration with your current e-commerce suite then you can reach out to us and we will be more than happy to help.


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