Retail for the People develops thoughtful,
beautiful and successful

About Us

Retail for the People® is a full-service retail consultancy for fashion and lifestyle brands with creativity and a people-first purpose at their heart.

Based in sunny Florida, with clients located all across the United States and around the globe. 

Driven by a passion for bringing people together to experience the best in design, fashion, and retail. 

We got our start in the wonderful world of pop-up shops and store openings, we have since grown into a full-service retail consulting firm.

We are tastemakers, entrepreneurs, and retail enthusiasts at our core, so everything we do is designed to enrich people’s lives because we wholeheartedly believe retail is about and for the people.

What We do

We create retail with meaning

We create long-lasting connections with our client's customers, creating retail brands and experiences that deeply resonate in both the physical and digital spaces.

We make things happen

We’re operator minded, meaning our goal is to do everything we can do to deliver on the bottom line while never comprising the retail experience.

We innovate, deliver and foster growth

We don’t sit still, we are constantly evolving with service innovations, ensuring we always remain relevant and future focused for the best interests of our clients and their customers.

We care about the relationships we build

Since the very beginning, we've been a 'people first' business. This is something that will never change, because at the beginning and end of each day, ultimately it's the people and the relationships that are what truly matters. Retail after all, is for the people.

We Give Forward

We believe its important to invest and inspire the next generation of great retailers and brands, so we donate our time and expertise to the following organizations who work relentlessly to equip college students with the training, experience and financial support to pursue their career aspirations in the fashion and retail industry.


Retail is about and for the people.