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This 80's brand is known for their bright colors, fun patterns, and lively atmosphere. Originally Esprit De Corps, this nostalgic fashion brand started in 1968 in San Francisco, California. Esprit became known all over the world and was synonymous with many of the childhoods across children of the 1980's. The brand's logo tees and totes are seen in pictures alongside 80's hairdos and denim. Esprit eventually was sold and many of its stores and outlets closed. But, that was not the end of their story.

Coinciding with the transformative relaunch of this historic brand, we teamed up with the brand to help bring to life its relaunch strategy in North America, to reflect the dynamic creativity and passionate community that define Esprit. With its new creative direction and North American headquarters located in the heart of NYC, their new 'playful, modern, cool' mantra embraces the deep history as well as its future ambitions.

Their inaugural store location was the perfect spot smack dab in the middle of West Hollywood. The incredible design and buildout for the space was led by the talented Eyesight Group. Boasting custom fixtures, mechanical spinning columns, wave machines in the window, and bright neon colors to garner some much deserved attention. Press and fashion magazines alike were happy to see Esprit is back in the USA and implementing a rapid North American expansion plan with the new CEO William Pak at the helm. The opening party included guests such as Witherspoon, Rumor Willis, and a who's who of other fashion influencers.

In the dynamic world of retail, success often hinges on innovative approaches and strategic execution. Retail for the People, a leading pop-up agency, played a pivotal role in orchestrating the resurgence of the iconic brand Esprit. Tasked with revitalizing the brand's presence, Retail for the People delivered a full-service pop-up experience, guiding Esprit from ideation to tangible success.

Over the past year, Retail for the People strategically opened four stores, two in Los Angeles and two in New York City, creating a buzz and reigniting Esprit's connection with its audience. Notably, two of these pop-ups seamlessly transitioned into permanent stores, solidifying Esprit's renewed foothold. One extraordinary achievement was the highest-grossing pop-up ever recorded at The Grove, a Caruso property in Los Angeles. Retail for the People not only handled the physical setup but also took charge of store staff training, recruitment, and management throughout the pop-up duration, offering Esprit a comprehensive and hassle-free solution. This success story not only marked Esprit's comeback, but also showcased Retail for the People's expertise in orchestrating impactful retail experiences.

Everything from influencer events, clienteling, inventory management, logistics, tech support, we came on early in this project as partners and became an extension of their team. Agile and ready, we were constantly on the move traveling coast-to-coast to get new stores open in record time.

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