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Flowerboy Project – Retail For The People

Flowerboy Project

'Flowers. Coffee. Goods.'


Sean Knibb and Stella Shirinda are the co-founders of the Flowerboy Project, a flower shop, cafe, and boutique in Venice, California. Knibb, a designer who has worked on many notable projects, including the Line Hotel, celebrity gardens, and projects with LVMH, came up with the name "Flowerboy" after spending time with his grandmother, a florist in Jamaica, as a child. Knibb and Shirinda wanted to create a way to connect with people and share things easily, and the Flowerboy Project combines the physical flower shop with a digital community. The shop also sells coffee, home goods, gifts, and electric apparel, with a focus on second-life clothing and bespoke bouquets.

Flowerboy Project is now a California staple and a must see spot for people passing through town. 

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