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Los Angeles Athletic Club – Retail For The People

Los Angeles Athletic Club

'Health, Recreation, Grace and Vigor.'


The first private social club in LA, the Los Angeles Athletic Club, is synonymous with the downtown LA spirit. Established in 1880, as a privately owned athletic club and social club in Los Angeles, California. The Los Angeles Athletic Club has a storied history and vibrant past. There have been multiple improvements and renovations along the way. Part of one of their most recent renovations was a $10 million dollar revamp that included a member's shop, the Mercury Sports Shop.

Retail for the People is proud to have been a part of such a historic moment in the club's history. As part of the services offered, our team helped provide artistic direction, product assortment, strategy, visual merchandising, and overall customer experience. Retail for the People provided strategic analysis on the customer journey and a framework for the shop's customer experience.

  • Customer Experience
  • Environment
  • Strategy
  • Consulting
  • Visual Merchandising