Monocle Los Angeles – a cultural and retail hub where the global meets the local. Monocle brought their London based brand to Los Angeles at Platform in Culver City, dedicating it as their North American outpost. Where it acted not just as a retail space but a manifestation of the positive globalist urbanist perspective that Monocle has championed since its inception in 2007.

The store not only features the latest issues but will showcase a thoughtfully curated selection of brands and collaborations that resonate with our global community. We are proud to get to be a part of bringing the Monocle experience to the heart of Los Angeles, at one of our favorite properties.

Monocle is known for its exceptional radio programming. With a 24/7 broadcasting schedule covering the entire globe, our radio shows such as Midori House, The Entrepreneurs, and The Globalist offer insightful news analysis, entrepreneurial wisdom, and a comprehensive global view that goes beyond typical podcasts.

We were excited about our partnership with Monocle and Tyler Brule, to offer staffing services for the Monocle store. Our team at RFTP is committed to maintaining the same standards of excellence and positive engagement that define the Monocle brand.

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