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The Giving Keys at Boston Seaport – Retail For The People

The Giving Keys at Boston Seaport

'Pay it forward'


The Giving Keys, a social-impact-focused jewelry brand, participated in the She-Village pop-up at The Current in Boston Seaport. The Current, designed to host a rotating set of pop-ups with different themes every six months, featured She-Village as its inaugural theme, highlighting female-founded and female-run businesses.

Part of our objective was to build, launch, and staff The Giving Keys' pop-up store at the Boston Seaport property, facilitating their entry into the Boston market and creating a compelling retail experience that aligns with the She-Village’s mission of empowerment.

Some of the challenges we faced were an extremely short timeframe for setup and staffing, ensuring the pop-up aligns with the overarching theme of She-Village, and creating an engaging customer experience that reflects The Giving Keys' brand values.

Successful launch: The Giving Keys’ pop-up opened on schedule, attracting significant foot traffic and generating positive buzz within the She-Village community.

Enhanced brand visibility: The activation highlighted The Giving Keys’ commitment to social impact, resonating well with the Seaport’s audience, which includes a high concentration of Millennials.

Customer engagement: The well-trained staff facilitated meaningful interactions with customers, enhancing their shopping experience and fostering brand loyalty.

Our collaboration with The Giving Keys at the She-Village pop-up in Boston Seaport exemplifies our ability to deliver high-impact retail experiences under tight deadlines. By integrating strategic planning, efficient staffing, and targeted marketing, we helped The Giving Keys successfully establish a presence in the Boston market, aligning with the empowering mission of She-Village.

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