Retail for the People Partners with IWD, the World’s Leading Visual Merchandising Software

Retail for the People Partners with IWD, the World’s Leading Visual Merchandising Software

September 14, 2022, Jacksonville, FL

Retail for the People (RFTP), a retail consulting firm, based in Florida, has announced today they have joined IWD’s Strategic Partners Network

IWD is the leading end-to-end merchandising technology platform that allows brands to efficiently and quickly execute their in-store merchandising operations, improve the consumer experience, and considerably increase sales.  

Retail for the People is pleased to offer IWD’s technology solutions to retailers in North America including a new offering, a 2D visual merchandising platform at an introductory, grow with you price-point. This new offering is ideal for brands with one or more store locations, and/or one or more wholesale accounts. 

Lantz Starratt, Co-Founder at Retail for the People, said: “Visual merchandising is a critical part of the business, on both the retail and wholesale side, so we are excited to offer a solution to help both emerging and established brands improve their sales, efficiencies, and competitive advantage with IWD’s incredible retail technology.”

Merchandising is critical to provide the best retail shopping experience and stand out from the crowd. However, most brands and retailers lose time using unsuitable tools such as Powerpoint, Excel, and Indesign. Previously, visual merchandising software was very expensive and unadapted for small businesses' needs. Now, thanks to IWD, visual merchandising technology is no longer just reserved for the very large, global brands; rather, IWD has created an easy-to-use offering for brands at various price points based on the use case, SKUs, number of users, and overall need so that brands of all sizes can have the necessary tools to be competitive in the modern brick-and-mortar retail landscape.

About IWD

IWD’s Retail Technology Platform provides a collaborative solution for brands to create visual merchandising recommendations, efficiently execute their in-store brand strategy, improve customer experience, and considerably increase the sales cycle.

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